20 Best Morey's Piers Rides

Explore the very best rides at Morey's Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey

  1. The Great NorEaster - A twisting, steel roller coaster with over 2,000 feet of track.
  2. Giant Wheel - One of the largest Ferris wheels on the east coast, offering great views of Wildwood.
  3. Sea Serpent - A classic roller coaster with three loops that go both forward and backward.
  4. The Great White - A wooden roller coaster that's not too intense and suitable for all ages.
  5. IT - A thrill ride that swings back and forth while spinning riders in circles.
  6. Ghost Ship - A spooky attraction open after 5 pm daily, with live actors and dark hallways.
  7. Carousel - A true classic, take a spin on one of two Venetian carousels that feature hand painted horses, swings, chariots, and spinning cups.
  8. AtmosFEAR! - A free-fall ride that drops riders 140 feet at 50 miles per hour.
  9. Moby Dick - A classic thrill ride with a nautical theme and circular motion.
  10. Dante’s Dungeon - A horror-themed ride with a slow and creepy journey.
  11. Wave Swinger - A classic swing ride providing an exciting flight over Morey's Piers.
  12. Zoom Phloom - One of the longest, tallest, and steepest log flumes on the East Coast.
  13. Tea Cups - We all know this classic spinning ride is fun for the whole family.
  14. RipTide - Swing back and forth toward the sky at an exciting speed.
  15. Grand Prix Raceway - The Grand Prix Raceway races go-kart through Adventure Pier on a longer and windier wooden track.
  16. Balloon Race - A miniature Ferris Wheel featuring eight brightly colored balloons.
  17. Runaway Tram - The family roller coaster is themed after the iconic Wildwood Sightseer Tramcar.
  18. Airplanes - Kids in the cockpit can control how high they want to fly these planes through the air as they soar in circles around the pier.
  19. SpringShot - An extreme speed as spring power and steel aircraft cables send you straight up into the air.
  20. Super Scooters - Bumper cars that light up the night.