19 Best Things To Do

Last updated: May 17, 2024

Whether you are looking for adventure and excitement, relaxation, or educational experiences, there is something for the whole family in Wildwood, New Jersey.

  1. First stop is the Wildwood Beach - It all starts with the beach, and let us say, this is no ordinary beach! First of all, in most sections, the beach is absolutely enormous! And when we say "enormous", we mean the beach is wide enough to factor into your daily excercise routine. Not only is it big enough to host large events, like concerts, festivals, and tournaments, it is also free, meaning no beach tags required.
  2. Visit the famous Wildwood Boardwalk - The Wildwood boardwalk is the island's epicenter of fun and excitement. Stretching around two miles, the famous boardwalk is home to amusement piers, waterparks, games, shops, delicious food, tram cars, and much more!
  3. Join the fun on Morey's Piers - this popular amusement park features over 40 rides, including thrilling roller coasters and classic carnival games.
  4. Attend an event at the Wildwoods Convention Center - this large venue hosts a variety of events, including concerts, trade shows, and conventions.
  5. Visit the historic Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.
  6. Take a ride on the Tram Car - “Watch the tram car, please.”
  7. Catch a wave - go surfing or bodyboarding
  8. Cool off from the summer heat - vist Splash Zone Waterpark.
  9. Visit the Doo Wop Experience Museum - this museum showcases the unique architecture and cultural heritage of Wildwood's mid-century motels.
  10. Visit the Wildwood Historical Society George F. Boyer Museum - a museum that tells the story of Wildwood's past and its famous boardwalk.
  11. Take a picture with the Wildwoods Sign - it is the East Coast's version of the Hollywood Sign! The sign stands 19 feet high and is joined by a number of colorful beach balls.
  12. Pick your side and slice in on the Mack's Pizza vs. Sam's Pizza Palace debate!
  13. Go biking around town - a bike friendly island which includes a 12-mile scenic bike path around the island.
  14. Take your dog to play on the beach - enjoy the Wildwood dog park and beach which includes a giant fire hydrant sculpture.
  15. Test your gaming skills with a visit to one of the boardwalk arcade.
  16. View all three of the Wildwood icon murals - Bill Haley and the Comets, Chubby Checker, and Bobby Rydell.
  17. Celebrate the arrival of the weekend with Wildwood Boardwalk Friday Night Fireworks.
  18. Look to the sky on Memorial Day weekend for the Wildwoods International Kite Festival.
  19. Enjoy the best views of the island with a ride on the ferris wheel - the Giant Wheel reaches 156 feet in height.