Things To Do

The Beach

It all starts with the beach, and let us say, this is no ordinary beach. First of all, in most sections, the beach is absolutely enormous! And when we say "enormous", we mean the beach is wide enough to factor into your daily excercise routine. Not only is it big enough to host large events, like concerts, festivals, and tournaments, it is also free, meaning no beach tags required.

» Surfing & Bodyboarding

The Boardwalk

The Wildwood boardwalk is the island's epicenter of fun and excitement. Stretching around two miles, the famous boardwalk is home to amusement piers, waterparks, games, shops, delicious food, tram cars, and much more!

» Take a ride on the Tram Car.

The Amusement Piers

Just when you think the beach and the boardwalk are amazing, now add the excitement and thrill of Morey's Piers and waterparks to take Wildwood to the next level of fun!

The Attractions

The beach, boardwalk, and amusement piers get all the attention, but keep in mind, the island is packed full of all types of attractions.

» Attend an event at the Wildwoods Convention Center.

» Visit the historic Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.

» Relax on Sunset Lake.

The Doo Wop

The island's architecture built in the 1950s and 1960s, reflected the postwar spirit of vacationers and popular culture. Highlighted by dense building fabric presented a varied and exaggerated spectacle of designs, all competing for the passing motorists' attention. Angular elements, space-age imagery, tropical themes and colors, with spectacular neon signage turning up the volume even more, combined to form a sensational display that can still be seen in the Wildwoods today.

The Food & Drinks

Wonderful restaurants with delicious food, amazing pizza options, classic boardwalk eats, and much more.