Best Roller Coasters at Morey's Piers

If you love the thrill of a roller coaster Morey's Piers has several adventurous options. The best ones may depend on personal preference, but here are some of the best roller coasters to add to the list.

  1. The Great Nor'Easter - A suspended looping coaster that takes riders upside down six times while reaching speeds of up to 50 mph.
  2. The Sea Serpent - This is a classic looping coaster with a double helix that takes riders upside down twice.
  3. The Great White - The Great White at Morey’s Piers is a classic out and back wooden coaster.
  4. The Runaway Tram - Watch out for this family friendly Tram Car. The Runaway Tram climbs 40 feet before coasting, twisting and turning riders along 900+ feet of track.