Fun Facts about the Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Here are fun facts about the Capy May-Lewes Ferry, the popular sea based transportation option.

  1. The Cape May-Lewes Ferry began operations on July 1, 1964. The ferry was established as a joint venture between the Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) and the Cape May County Bridge Commission.
  2. The ferry provides a 17-mile shortcut across the Delaware Bay.
  3. Passengers can enjoy panoramic views of the bay during the 85 minute journey.
  4. The ferry can transport cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and even RVs. Bikes can be transported without an additional fee.
  5. Over 1 million passengers traveling on the ferry annually
  6. The ferry is the starting line for the annual Escape the Cape Triathlon and offer a one of a kind 12 ft jump off the Cape May-Lewes Ferry to start the race.
  7. The wake of the ferry even attracts the surf community. Keep an eye out for local surfer Ben Gravy catching a ride!

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