North Wildwood, NJ

The city of North Wildwood rests on the southern shore of the Hereford Inlet. This unique location combines a picturesque setting with all the charm of an oceanfront city. During the day, North Wildwood provides a quaint atmosphere and relaxing fun in the sun, but come nightfall, the city boasts a varied nightlife created by the plentiful restaurants and bars.

North Wildwood was originally known as the borough of Anglesea, a small fishing village. A center point of the days past was the Hereford Lighthouse, originally constructed in 1874 to guide vessels through the Hereford Inlet. The Lighthouse has since been restored, and today it serves as a low-fee tourist attraction which provides a historical view of this charming oceanfront city.

North Wildwood is full of small motels, the majority of which are conveniently located within a short walking distance to the beach. The motels are family oriented, and the ever present Doo-wop architecture adds to the unique character of the city.

Given the appeal of North Wildwood, the city often serves as a location for summertime events and festivals. Some of the better established events include the North Wildwood Italian American Festival, the New Jersey State BBQ Championship & Anglesea Blues Festival, and the Irish Fall Festival.

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