Wildwoods Convention Center

Who can turn down an event at the beach? The Wildwoods Convention Center can assure your event will be well attended. This 21st century, state of the art facility can accommodate your needs, whether that is for a formal meeting or event, a concert, a trade show or beachside wedding. The 260,000 square foot building is conveniently located on the Wildwood Boardwalk, overlooking the sandy white beaches and the vast Atlantic Ocean. The unique architectural design provides special features such as a visually appealing roof which permits natural sunlight to fill your room during the day, as well as boasting an illuminated view of the sky at night. You can also take in a view of the spectacular ocean from various interior rooms and from the deck, in addition to utilizing the specially designed glass doors to fill your room with ocean air.

Of course your event at the Convention Center will be well managed by the highly trained staff of experienced event planners. And if the above information is not enough to convince you to book your event at the Convention Center, you should also know there are onsite caters, food services, and concessions available to accommodate your specific needs, as well access to the latest technological amenities.