Wildwood Boardwalk

The exceptional Wildwood Boardwalk boasts entertainment for adults and children alike. As one of the city's top features, the boardwalk is centrally located in Wildwood, beginning on 16th Avenue in North Wildwood, and spanning nearly 2 miles to Cresse Avenue in Wildwood Crest.

You may be surprised to know this distinctive attraction began at the turn of the 20th century, with a mere distance of 150 yards. Now the boardwalk has over 70,000 wooden planks and boasts the world's largest amusement piers in a two mile radius. The piers are an extension of the boardwalk, stretching across Wildwood's sandy white beaches.

What can you expect when you arrive at the extraordinary boardwalk in Wildwood? To start, for just two dollars, you can take a ride on the "Tram Car", a trackless train service which runs the entire length of the boardwalk and offers passengers an overview of the numerous eateries, souvenir shops, arcades, carnival-like games, and amusement piers. However, if you prefer to navigate on your own, you may want to begin your tour with an early morning jog or bike-ride, which is permitted on the designated Tram Car path prior to 9:00 AM. Regardless of your travel method, you will quickly discover the vast entertainment opportunities, which by dusk, are highlighted with bright lights and neon signs.

The traditional, and still favorite boardwalk snacks are plentiful, including fresh roasted peanuts, fudge straight from a boiling pot, the famous Johnson's Popcorn, fries, pizza and more. And a fact surprising to many, the Wildwood Amusement Piers offer more rides than Disneyland! For kids, there are fleets of airplanes, trucks, dune buggies, boats and trains, as well as the traditional carousels and bumper cars. For the older crowd, there are a variety of thrilling attractions, including an inverted looping roller coaster, as well as two of the grandest rides on the East Coast. The Beast of the East is the largest family raft ride on the East Coast, and The Great White is the East Coast's tallest and fastest wooden coaster. And of course you can not overlook the 140 foot Ferris wheel offering spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the greater Wildwood area.

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